The Darkest Ocean

I send my rod amidst the darkness

as the Heaven’s gate

opens up

and there upon the boulders

and rocks are more rocks

and clams sliding down my feet–

Bare to my heart and soul

I battle humanity

and the winds send a suffering

in the rarest of forms–

Cold and pouring with ice

soaking shorts and only a shirt

while tiny crabs

and seaweed

melt away–

My rod is steady and silver,

it is pierced into the night sky

and what awaits me

is gold

a glimmer of hope

shining in the brightest of forms–

I will never back down

even with the greatest wave

smashing my tears in the face–

No man or storm may stop me

not even my own thoughts

for as long as I wait

time is coming

the brightest gift

we could ever catch.

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